[MADE] Brew of the Week

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This weeks beer goes out to Surly’s ninth anniversary release, appropriately titled NEIN. The Imperial Smoked Dunkelweizen was inspired by Surly’s head brewer, Todd Haug’s trip to Bamberg, Germany. The bottle, which you may recognize, also features the familiar Erica Williams intricate artwork.

I’m not one to over hype, but this beer is absolutely a must try. This might possibly be my personal favorite from the highly sought after brewery. Brewed using hefeweizen yeasts and oak-smoked wheat – this beer evolves with every sip. You might taste cocoa, vanilla, banana, and smokey wood, to name a few. This beer is insanely complex, yet so balanced. Seriously, sitting at 10%ABV, I could hardly taste a drop of alcohol. If you come across one sitting on the shelf, please do yourself a favor and purchase a bottle and enjoy.

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