[MADE] Brew of the Week

As chocolate peanut butter porters start to become full effect this season, we came across another that came out on top. The brew is made by our brothers to the east in Wisconsin, at Horny Goat Brewing. If haven’t tried a brew of this style, I highly recommend it.

This brew pours thick and dark as molasses, with a yellowish head to it. This beer is what I like to call a dessert beer, because you can only have one. Rich in chocolate and peanut butter, this beer is bold and rich in roasted malts with a creamy marshmallow feel to it – it’s delicious. Overall, it is very well balanced  in flavors, mixing both chocolate and peanut butter – even those who hate dark beers tend to enjoy this one. Sitting at a solid 6.5% ABV, you are getting your money worths with this brew. Grab a sixer and enjoy!

By: KVogez

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