[MADE] Brew of the Week



Halloween is right around the corner, therefore we should feature none other than Evil Twin Brewery, for the MADE Brew of the Week. The famous gypsy brewery, which originated from Denmark, specializes in making one off beers that are quite remarkable. If you haven’t tasted anything from this brewery yet, then make sure to put them on your list of beers to try – they’re that good.

I was recently gifted a bottle of Evil Twin’s, Femme Fatale Kobosu, which is one of many from their Femme Fatale Series. This IPA says it all in the title. Brewed using Kabosu ( a common Japanese citrus fruit), this IPA is bursting with smooth fresh hops and citrusy fruit flavors. I noticed this one coming off similar to a florally Saison. This is one of many brews this company has absolutely nailed. Just be careful when pouring, this one comes packed with carbonation. Take a look at the ever-growing list of their brews below, and keep your eyes open for more from Evil Twin.


By: KVogz

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