‘Love’ From Controversial Director Gaspar Noe Seeing A Limited Release This Friday


Writer/director Gaspar Noe (I Stand Alone, Irreversible) is once again making headlines with the upcoming release of his latest controversial picture, an erotically charged drama titled Love starring actresses Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin in their first big-screen appearances. Noe regulars Karl Glusman (Embers, Ratter) and Benoit Debie (Enter The Void, Get The Gringo) make up the supporting cast. The film focuses around an American (Murphy) living in Paris, France, who enters into an emotionally and sexually charged relationship with a woman named Electra and takes part in extravagant sexual exploits when they invite their attractive neighbor into bed with them. Noe has been known for producing explicit and controversial films that push boundaries with modern audiences, but some critics have suggested that Love will be too much for even fans of the filmmaker to cope with.

Love, on top of containing graphic sexual content that has been leaving crowds at the various world film festivals this year speechless, has also been shot in 3D, essentially bringing big-screen pornography back to modern cinematic audiences with a new realistic twist. Critics have also noted that, given the context of the film, the story and running time are quite drawn out, leaving the explicit sexuality of the film the only element available for keeping the audiences’ attention until the credits start rolling. Love was featured at this year’s Cannes and Toronto International Film Festival(s), and will be seeing a limited release this October 30th, most likely in New York and LA, but keep an eye out for a nationwide expansion happening within the next few months. The teaser trailer is available here on MADE. Enjoy.

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