Kevin Smith Planning Horror Movie To Finance Clerks 3


Director Kevin Smith last left the View Askewniverse in 2006 with Clerks 2. Although the film turned out to be a huge success (securing a spot at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival), many of us had expected him to end his string of Jersey films with Jersey Girl in 2006; so when Smith announced he was going to make another Jersey film and that it would be a sequel to Clerks, he understandably took a lot of heat for it. After the success of the movie, however, fans and critics stopped whining about how the director had lost his ability to write something original and was going “back to the well.” But now Smith is planning to once again get his fans up in a stir! Smith finished the script for Clerks 3 earlier this summer, but because the project is supposedly bigger and requires a higher budget, the director is taking on a smaller “warm-up” project as he calls it, in the form of a horror flick called Tusk.


Tusk is the story of a man who was lost at sea with a Walrus for six months, and is now looking for a roommate; but he has a very strange request. The roommate must agree to dress up as a Walrus for 2 hours a day to remind him of his old friend. Pretty fucking weird. The film will, however, require a much smaller budget, and give Smith the chance to make a “warmup pitch” before he begins production on Clerks 3. Smith has said that he wants Tusk to get a slot at Sundance, even though he’s late on the submission. The film will star Justin Long in the role of the Walrus-roommate, so I don’t know if Smith is going for ridiculous-horror-movie that people actually laugh at or a legitimate horror film that can make people jump in their seats. Then again I can’t really imagine what Smith has planned for Clerks 3 either; maybe Randal will get married or Dante will be a shitty father. I just don’t know. Either way, I trust him to make a good sequel…as long as he gets Rosario Dawson to come back!

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