Hollywood: Stuck on ‘Repeat’


It seems Hollywood is on a never-ending recycling binge. Movies like Rocky and Die Hard have been run into the ground with sequels that have come out long after their predecessors have been released, talked about, and remembered as classic. Today’s movie scene, however, is trapped in the same ‘Groundhog Day’ situation, with a re-boot of the Spiderman movies, another Wolverine movie this summer and a new Terminator series. In the next two years, sequels of Independence Day, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars are all set to be released, with pending sequels also in the works; there have even been talks of a World War Z sequel, and Ghostbusters and Spaceballs sequels! Thanks to talented writers and directors that are fortunately still around in Hollywood, some of them are pretty decent movies, but others have already had their say and need to stay put, at least for a while.

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