Grand Theft Auto V Radio??


As expected, more and more details have began popping up all over the place in regards to GTAV’s in game content. Dating back to GTAIII, the soundtrack has always been an awesome part of each Grand Theft Auto game and the guys at Rockstar plan on continuing the tradition. Word around town is that there will be over 240 songs on the games’ air waves and producer Flying Lotus will have his own radio station called “FlyLo FM”. Some of the confirmed artists that will be featured on Flying Lotus’ station include Tyler The Creator, Thundercat, Clams Casino, Outkast and Hudson Mohawke just to name a few; it’s also rumored that Wavves will have their own station as well. Stay tuned for more info as we get closer to the release date and make sure to pre-order GTAV if you haven’t already.

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