Giordano’s Officially Open in Uptown (Minneapolis)

Location: 2700 Hennepin Avenue S, Minneapolis
Hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-2:30PM, 4:30PM-Midnight (?)
P: 612-444-3143

Legendary Chicago pizzeria, Giordano’s, is NOW OPEN in Minneapolis. The restaurant has taken up shop at 2700 Hennepin, exciting news for pizza lovers…Not so much for Green Mill. As a former Chicagoan, I’d argue that Giordano’s is far from Chicago’s best; but it will definitely fill the void for those looking to go big on pizza. They were insanely busy their first couple of weeks with wait times exceeding 2 hours for delivery (had to try), but business should be settled to a manageable pace by now. Click the link below to check out their official website.

Giordano’s Minneapolis

9 thoughts on “Giordano’s Officially Open in Uptown (Minneapolis)

    1. depdillinger Post author

      Unfortunately they haven’t given an exact date. I went by there yesterday and it looks like it should open any day now.

    2. MN Pizza Fan

      I wrote them for specific on the opening and got the following response:
      “Thank you so much for writing to us!
      Giordano’s is anticipating the opening of our NEW Minneapolis Uptown location to be in mid-July 2015! Once it’s ready, Giordano’s will do a great job letting everyone know! “

      1. depdillinger Post author

        Yup, originally they stated June. Now they’re stating July so we’re just going with “very soon,” because they don’t seem to have an exact date on the books.

  1. MN Pizza Fan

    They’ve moved the opening date again! From the Pioneer Press: “A late-July opening has been set for the first Minnesota location of Giordano’s, the Chicago-based deep-dish pizza place. When the spot opens (2700 Hennepin Ave. S., 612-444-3143;, look for stuffed pizzas as well as thin-crust pies, pastas, salads and sandwiches.”

  2. Julianne

    I stopped in there last week as they were having employee orientation or something and was advised they will be opening 7/15.


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