[FRESH] Chuck Inglish Releases EP – Easily

The Chicago emcee/producer just released his five track EP, Easily. About a month ago here at MADE, we gave everyone a little heads up, as Chuck debuted the track, “Came Thru/Easily”. Just because we are so nice, here it is again incase you missed it.

The five track EP features Chuck’s signature sound with simple but heavy drum and bass, taking it back to the basics; but yet, once again he brings the heat on this one. Right now the EP is only available on iTunes for just over $5. We have always been a big fan of Chuck and the Cool Kids as their music bangs out parties and shows. God damn though, we had to turn Swervin wayyyyyyyy up.

Stay tuned for more as Chuck releases his solo album, Convertibles, on February 11th, 2014.


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