Formin’ w/ Travis Gorman

TG 5

Minneapolis has always had a knack for pumping out great producers, whether you’re talking about Bob Dylan, Prince, Jazzy Jeff or guys like Ant, Ryan Olsen and an up & coming fan favorite Psymun; it’s clear that the city still has it. With an abundance of production talent ready to surface, it’s no wonder why the Twin Cities’ music scene has a near deafening buzz at the moment.


The list is indeed a long one, we’re really only scratching the surface. Of the many producers currently doing their thing, we’ve found one that we feel deserves a higher spot on said list. Enter Travis Gorman, the man who produced Devon Reason’s Part IV & Reasonable as well as various other tracks leading back to First Wednesday of The Month. The heat behind Finding Novyon’s single “Pre-Heat” and the collaborative track “Wasted”; Gorman has the sound of a young Dilla or Madlib with a dash of RZA. You’ll hear plenty of samples that’ll have you wondering about their origins, as well as incredibly well made spins on classics. It’s pretty crazy when you begin to realize that the kid has mainly stayed in-house with his music, the levels that can be reached really have no limits.


As popular radio “hits” begin to take precedence over well-polished production, Travis Gorman steers clear of gimmicks and “hot” sounds; providing a unique feel with each track. A craftsman and a wizard in the crate, Travis Gorman is poised to continue dropping gem after gem; we at MADE are proud to welcome Travis to the family. Check out a few of his tracks below and make sure to keep an eye out for more from Travis Gorman and everyone else at MADE

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