Forbes Says, Minneapolis 4th Most Inventive City in the U.S.

Forbes just released an article stating Minneapolis is the 9th most inventive city in the world, leaving just three cities in the U.S. ahead of them. How do they measure who is the most inventive city? Well, according to Forbes they measure the level of patent intensity; the amount of residents that produce more patent applications per capita. Essentially, it is the amount of applications for every 10,000 residents. It is something that I certainly did not expect for Minneapolis. It is more shocking that not one Japanese city made the list, but it is only U.S. and Northern Europe cities. It could be due to the lack of a younger population; maybe the patent process is quite different there, but I could be wrong.

The Top Ten

1. Eindhoven, Netherlands
2. San Diego
3. San Francisco
4. Malmo, Sweden
5. Grenoble, France
6. Stuttgart, Germany
7. Boston
8. Stockholm, Sweden
9. Minneapolis
10. Munich, Germany

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