Flatbush Zombies LIVE @ Reggie’s Oct.10th


Location: 2105 S State St, Chicago
When: October 16th/ 7PM

The Flatbush Zombies, you got it from Flatbush Brooklyn; will be live at Reggie’s Rock Club on Wednesday, October 16th as they make their way across the country on their Better Off Dead tour. Their last project “Better Off Dead” stacks right up with their debut so this should definitely be one of the better shows of this fall, worried because it’s “all ages”? Trust us these dudes don’t give a fuck about that. The good guys at Jugrnaut and Closed Sessions will be sponsoring the event so you already know the Brooklyn crew is in good hands, no word on a meet and greet but it’s not out of the question. Tickets can be bought at Jugrnaut for cash only and will probably sell out as we get closer to the 16th, if you’re interested in going I’d go grab those tickets soon.

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