Entourage Movie Delayed


Audiences have been waiting for the anticipated feature-length adaptation of the HBO series Entourage since the series ended over a year ago. Filming was supposed to have begun back in May, but that has been delayed indefinitely because the cast members are holding out for more money on their contracts. Jeremy Piven has signed on to reprise his role as Ari in the film, which will pick up where the series left off with Ari potentially running his own studio and hiring Vinny for a part in one of his movies. That being said, Adrian Grenier (Vinny) has yet to sign on for the project. Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) is also holding out on finalizing a deal, but reports have indicated that Kevin Connolly (Eric) has signed on. Let’s see how greedy Grenier and Ferrara get before they finally decide to go ahead with the project, because we all know an Entourage movie without their presence would pretty much be a box office fail.

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