Elon Musk Proposes “Hyperloop”


Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla Motors and all around South African badass; has made a proposol for a public transit system straight out of Star Trek. Named “Hyperloop”, this latest venture is essentially a super speed train; making Japan’s famed bullet train look like old news. The Hyperloop will propel passengers down it’s electric powered tube at nearly 800MPH, allowing people to make a 900 mile trip in about 30 minutes. Granted the cost for a ticket, this would allow someone living in Los Angeles to maintain a job in San Francisco; and make the daily commute every day with ease. In regards to safety, the Hyperloop’s “pods” will be spaced 5 miles apart allowing for safe emergency braking in the event of an accident. The proposal would cost an estimated $6 billion and is far from even a prototype stage, Musk’s design is also open so if you have any bright ideas try and send them over to his offices (lol).

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