Disney Considers Budget Cut For Pirates 5 After Lone Ranger Flops


Ok it’s true: The Lone Ranger was a complete failure. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer’s latest collaboration with actor Johnny Depp has resulted in major concerns from the Disney execs, who are worried that Bruckheimer’s next project, a 5th Pirates of the Caribbean movie, will share the same fate as The Lone Ranger. Let me just make put this out there for sake of clearing the air: IT WILL!!! The Lone Ranger didn’t fail because of bad writing, poor directing or a lack or overuse of visual effects; a modern Western movie with a good plot line and some old fashioned gun-slinging action would have done just fine, and most likely would have appealed to a much broader audience. The Lone Ranger, however, has been re-made time and time again, and for Disney to try to make a modern Western with family-appropriate material and sell it with Johnny Depp’s name is just clinging to old marketing strategies, and frankly is not going to cut it anymore.


We all know Johnny Depp is a phenomenal actor, but characters that only require make-up and outlandish costumes became a thing-of-the-past when they decided to make a 4th Pirates movie. Jerry Bruckheimer could consider working with some other actors too; Depp is not the only guy in Hollywood that can deliver a decent performance, especially for a Disney movie. I mean Nicholas Cage still draws a good crowd and that guy hasn’t been able to act since, ever! What needs to happen is for Bruckheimer and Depp to part ways, Depp to take on more original roles and come back to showcasing his unique talent, and Bruckheimer to find a new adventure project, not linked to family-friendly pirates, cowboys, or indians.

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