Director Kevin Smith Talks Fate Of Final ‘Clerks’ Sequel


Even though he was once considering retiring from filmmaking, director Kevin Smith is showing no signs of slowing down, and, in fact, seems to be taking on even more than one would expect from someone preparing for retirement. Smith is currently involved in a recent rumor that has him writing a ‘fake’ script for Warner Bros. upcoming Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice that was meant to conceal the actual script director Zack Snyder will be adapting for the film. He is also still prepping his upcoming horror movie Tusk for release along with a spin-off for that project which will follow several characters from Tusk in a more concentrated setting. To top it all off, fans are still waiting for Smith to get some momentum going on production for Clerks 3, which will most likely be the last installment in that series. The original Clerks was released twenty years ago this year and brought Smith into the Hollywood spotlight, while simultaneously kicking off his series of Askewniverse films revolving around the iconic characters Jay and Silent Bob. Clerks 3 has already been pushed back for Smith to produce Anti-Claus, and he is still looking for a way to finance the film since the Weinstein Company has only agreed to provide distribution. With the reputation of Smith and the Clerks franchise, I’m sure finding some financing for number three won’t be too difficult, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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