DiCaprio To Work With Warner Bros. On Blood In The Snow


Leonardo DiCaprio has been picking up a lot of projects for his new role as film producer. With The Wolf of Wall Street, his new film with legendary director Martin Scorsese, facing a potential set back for its release date, the actor is looking to his next producing (and possibly acting) project, a novel from author Jo Nesbo entitled Blood On The Snow. The novel is set to be published this Spring, with a sequel also being planned for publication the next year. The plot revolves around a hit-man who is given the task of killing his boss’s wife, but instead falls for her and finds himself in an intense game of pickle (literally). Being still in early development, we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out, but if the film gets picked up we could see some potential sequels also in the early planning stages by next year. Check out MADE for more updates.

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