Dialing Devon Reason



Where to begin with Devon Reason? The tenacious flow? The fervent vocals? or the razor sharp lyricism? Wherever one decides to start, you’ll quickly realize that the kid is dope.


A few months back, Devon & Travis Gorman put out a project entitled “Part IV”; let’s just say these two may have found the recipe. As Minneapolis’ hip hop scene continues to progress, Devon seems to be ahead of the pace by taking things to the next level with each new release. While many artists continue to loiter, Devon and his team continue to up the ante. Upon meeting Reason with Finding Novyon in late March, it was apparent that these kids aren’t just fad rappers. A refreshingly fun meeting (whiskey shots included) turned burn session at my apartment (who else does that?), the vibe was quickly set in stone.


In a sea of swag rappers & wanna-be MCs, Devon Reason is a shark among shrimp; someone who a lot of these “rappers” would hate to have to spit against. Travis Gorman’s production completes a match made in heaven, each record compliments Devon’s flow in a way rarely seen in Minneapolis. As 2014 gets into full swing, we’re excited to grow our relationship into a force to be reckoned with; we at MADE are proud to welcome Devon Reason to the family.


Fans of his craft and supporters of real people with real dreams, MADE would like to introduce those who don’t know; to one of Minneapolis’ brightest young MCs. Peep a couple of his tracks below and make sure to stay tuned for more from MADE x Devon Reason, this is just the beginning.

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