deM atlaS

Just a week ago Glow Mechanics performed at the Kitty Cat Klub and deM atlaS opened up the night. I heard some good things going into the show, but damn this dude had some real passion on stage. DeM atlaS has a nice old school flow; it reminds me of the early 90’s, but fresh. Despite being energetic and hyped on the stage, the man was real humble after the show. Check him out.

Why he chose the Charlie Brown:

“I am chronicling the life and times of our beloved, Charlie Brown. I feel like I relate to Charlie Brown bc, he is a bit of a sad figure, yet reliant in the ways in which he fails time and time again, but continues to try and try again. 
I am inspired by cartoons & animation, static on the radio, vinyl scratches, Nirvana & Hip Hop.”

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