Death By Icon “Hassah” LP

Death By

It’s been well over a year since we premiered Chicago group Death By Icon’s first mixtape Trybecca, and yet once I began listening to their debut LP Hassah; it feels as if they’ve never left. Not too far from their original foray, but Hassah still commands it’s own unique feel. The pair sound sharper than ever on the vocals, they appear to know exactly how they wanted this one to sound with great results. The production takes a leap forward as well, there are traces of Trybecca but it feels more evolutionary. From the gritty, golden era “Sunderday” to the trap banger “Wake Up,” Hassah has a wide variety of sounds that coalesce rather nicely. Another step in the right direction for a group of artists who deserve to be on everyone’s radar, check out Hassah below.

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