Kihndyn Peters “The Como Chronicles”

Como Chronicles

A couple of months ago the kid Kihndyn Peters dropped a new projected titled The Como Chronicles. The project spans 20 tracks and features a plethora of prominent local artists including JayLap, Eli The Prophet, Gabriella Jacobs, ATR, and Big Zach to name a few. Kihndyn Peters shows off a knack for introspective writing with “No Money” & “Hands,” but quickly loosens up with records like “Como” and “Kings.” The Como Chronicles plays through very well, the tracks maintain their own identity but also coalesce, a rarity for projects with this many tracks. Slick rhymes and punchlines all around, Kihndyn is one of those few pure MCs. After a recent bout of bad luck that included a break in, Peter’s will soon take his talents to another state, tonight will be his very last performance on a Minnesota stage for quite some time. Eli The Prophet is set to headline the show, it will also be his last performances in Minnesota before he leaves to travel the world. A bittersweet occasion, head down to 7th Street tonight for what should be a good time and make sure to check out The Como Chronicles below.

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