Cookin w/ Derrick Koch

Minneapolis has always been a city of who’s who and what is what. Out of towners and imports usually blame a level of “jadeness” within the Twin Cities art scenes that locals bemoan, but the dynamic is often much deeper than what the surface shows. In a city full of artists of all mediums trying to establish themselves, there is a clear level of separation growing between those who are serious and those who are not. Derrick Koch (Pronounced Cook) is an artist, photographer, designer, creative etc, that has quietly surfaced as one of the Cities’ go-to’s. A known concert photographer, the man behind the brand, No Flashy Shit, continues to expand his horizons with various other ventures including gigs with Seven Steakhouse, World Street Kitchen, and Milk Jam.


Growing up, there wasn’t always a cohesive family unit, but love was found between his mother, brother and extended family. After graduating from Highland Park High School and realizing that higher education might not be for him, Derrick forwent college in search of a modelling career. After a few tumultuous months traveling from coast to coast and a few major leads turned dud, he returned home looking for a firm place to lay a foundation. An individual with an innate ability to create visually; photography, painting, and graphic design naturally seem like viable paths. The untimely death of his mother inadvertently re-established a relationship with his father allowing him to start anew back where everything started. It wasn’t long before he was back in full swing, working kitchen jobs and making ends meet through “extracurricular” means, Uptown’s reveling streets held an alluring grip.


As Derrick took art more seriously and became more comfortable behind the camera, No Flashy Shit became more than a side project, a mantra born between brothers on a drunken night is now one of the Twin Cities emerging clothing brands. With a new drive and direction, the budding creative suddenly found himself with all of the tools he would need for success. Soon restaurants like Seven Steakhouse, World Street Kitchen and Milk Jam would come a knocking offering positions as social media director, as well as opportunities for Derrick to showcase his photography skills. Things may have come together quickly, but hard work and a keen vision for where to go next seem to have positioned him in the right places at the right times.


As the Twin Cities enters into a new chapter of growth across just about every scene from the art and music worlds to restauranteering and fashion, people like Derrick Koch will be aligned at the forefront. There are plenty of bullshitters in this industry, those who claim they want to work, but often times bring empty promises to the table, the good people at No Flashy Shit are none of the above. Grounded, calculated and steady are all qualities that I’d attribute to Derrick Koch, it’s not a matter of if; but when he will again find himself at the right place at the right time.

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Check out No Flashy Shit’s official website.