Christopher Plummer Receives Golden Globe Nomination For Last Minute Role In ‘All The Money In The World’

The Last Jedi may be doing well at the box office, but it’s not doing much to impress fans and critics. One holiday release that’s been impressing everyone, however, is director Ridley Scott’s adaptation of author John Pearson’s All the Money in the World. The film follows the 1973 kidnapping of Jean Paul Getty III, aka Paul Getty, the grandson of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty. The latter famously refused to pay his grandson’s ransom, despite his vast fortune in the oil industry, leaving the former’s mother, Gail Harris, in the position of having to convince her billionaire in-law to put family ahead of wealth. All the Money in the World has already received three Golden Globe nominations, including one for Best Supporting Actor, Christopher Plummer. Although his nomination is certainly deserving, it almost didn’t happen.


Kevin Spacey was originally cast in the role of Jean Getty Senior when production and principle photography first got underway. Since the recent Hollywood sexual harassment scandal, however, Spacey’s presence in the industry is effectively finished; he has been removed from his role in the now final season of the highly popular Netflix series, House of Cards, and producers decided to replace him in the role of Getty just a couple of months before All the Money in the World was set to be released. Ridley Scott, along with the entire cast and crew went back to re-shoot Kevin Spacey’s scenes with Plummer instead, just in enough time to get the film edited and wrapped for release earlier this month. Despite all the drama surrounding production, the decision to replace Spacey seems to be paying off. Both Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg also received Golden Globe nominations for their roles in the film, which hit theaters Christmas Day and is expected to get an extended release after the New Year. So if you’re looking for a good movie to go and see this New Year’s Eve/Day, definitely add this one to your list.

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