Chicago Film Festival Kicks Off


October 10th marks the start of the 49th Annual Chicago International Film Festival. The celebration began yesterday (Oct. 10th) at the Chicago Theatre with a screening of director James Gray’s The Immigrant, starring Marion Cotillard and Joaquin Phoenix. It will end on the 24th of October with Joel and Ethan Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis, a film about the early 1960s folk scene in the Greenwich Village, starring Oscar Isaac. Films by writers, directors, and actors from around the world have been entered to this year’s celebration. Some interesting showings include Like Father Like Son, The Major, The Priest’s Children (strange title, I know, but read the description before you judge), Tanta Agua, La Juala de Oro, Infiltrators, and I Will Be Murdered, just to name a few. Tickets are $14 a day for general admission, with $5 matinees until 5pm. Students and seniors can get in for $11. You can find information about showings and ticketing at or call 312-332-3456. Enjoy the show!

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