Check Your Local Listings For This Week’s Limited Releases

Along with Papa Hemingway in Cuba, there are some great limited releases hitting theaters this weekend. First off is a new drama from actor-turned-director Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Horrible Bosses), Nicole Kidman (Eyes Wide Shut, The Interpreter), Christopher Walken (Pulp Fiction, Catch Me If You Can), and Catherine Hahn (Step Brothers, Parks and Recreation) titled The Family Fang, which is based on the book by Kevin Wilson. The film follows a brother and sister as they return home in search of their famous parents, who have gone missing. Seems fairly promising, but you can be the judge.

Next up is an Italian film titled The Wait (L’attesa) from director Piero Messina (La Porta, Terra) and starring internationally known actress Juliette Binoche (The English Patient, Godzilla) about a mother who unexpectedly meets her future daughter-in-law at a villa in Sicily and waits with her for her son to arrive, concealing some dark secret the entire time. The trailer looks pretty interesting, and I’m guessing there is some kind of crazy twist involved, so if you’re in the mood, maybe give it a go.

A new documentary narrated by Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle, The Hunger Games) from space documentarian Toni Myers (Blue Planet, Hubble 3D) titled A Beautiful Planet is also in select theaters this weekend. The film conducts an exploration of Earth and the cosmos as seen from the International Space Station, and is also available on IMAX, so if you’re really into space be sure to check it out…it’s only a quick 45 minutes but probably well worth your time. Irish director Paddy Breathnach (Blow Dry, Shrooms) takes the next spot with a film called Viva, which follows a make-up artist in Cuba who dreams of being a drag performer himself; but when he gets his first chance, his long-absent father emerges from the audience and the two are thrown into an emotional whirlwind as they come to terms with themselves, with society, and with each other. The film received an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Language film at last year’s Academy Awards, and seeing as drag movies seem to be in right now, it’s really a wonder we haven’t seen it in theaters sooner.

The last indie on our list is The Man Who Knew Infinity from director Matt Brown (Ropewalk, London Town) about a young man from Madras, India named Srinivasa Ramanujan Iyengar, who gains acceptance to Cambridge University during WWII and becomes a pioneer in mathematical theories with the help of his professor, G.H. Hardy. Actors Dev Patel (Slumdog Millionaire, Chappie) and Jeremy Irons (Die Hard with a Vengeance, Batman Vs. Superman) lead the film’s cast, which Brown also wrote himself. If this rain that we’re getting lasts through the weekend, be sure to go and check out one of these in theaters. Enjoy!

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