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Burn 2

Filmmaker Darren Dyk has been dropping gems as of late showcasing the art of skateboarding in very unconventional ways. His latest video adds fire and rain to the madness making for quite the visual. Darren and Beyond Slow Motion are definitely onto something, check out “Burn 2” above and stay tuned for more.

VICELAND x Thrasher: “King of The Road” Trailer

VICE recently announced that they will be picking up Thrasher’s “King of The Road” series for their new VICELAND channel. For those that don’t know, Thrasher Magazine has thrown their “King of The Road” competition annually since 2003, along the way a plethora of stars have tried their hand at the cash prize & glory. The competition revolves around a point A to B journey across America, each team is given a manual that contains tasks to complete as well as tricks to complete, each of these tasks/tricks having a point value. Birdhouse, Chocolate, and Toy Machine will be this year’s competing teams, all have housed legendary skaters throughout the years. Hopefully it stays true and doesn’t get to gimmicky for TVs sake, check out the trailer above and keep an eye out for episode 1.

Ride Channel Features Familia Skateshop

The guys from Familia Skateshop recently linked up with the Ride Channel for a dope feature on Minneapolis. A city often slept on when it comes to skating, Minneapolis actually has a plethora of awesome spots and parks. The Familia skate team takes on downtown hitting up new spots as well as a few classics, towards the end the crew brings the party back to their Headquarters in Northeast. Check out the video above and be on the look out for more from the Familia team.

Free Grip Fridays @ Cal-Surf


The good guys at Cal-Surf will be providing free grip-tape every Friday for the foreseeable future. Cons/Mob or Mini Logo grip-tape will be included with the purchase of any deck, get over to Uptown and get some fresh grips to finish the year right.

Holiday Deals @ Familia Skateshop


The good people over at Familia are offering solid deals throughout the entire month of December. Buy 2 tees get 1 free for those looking to get fresh themselves while shopping for Christmas gifts. Peep the other deals above and click the link below for Familia’s official website.

Red Bull BMX: “Kaleidoscope” Ft. Kriss Kyle

Red Bull just released an absolutely awe inspiring BMX video featuring none other than Scottish rider Kriss Kyle. Known for thinking outside the box, Kriss Kyle is right at home on this obstacle course of a park. As always Red Bull offers up a great visual that not only showcases the rider, but also showcases just how insane this park is. Check out “Kaleidoscope” above and be on the look out for more.

The 1817 Promo

A couple of weeks ago the good people from 1817 dropped their long awaited promo video via Vimeo. The Minneapolis based snowboarding collective has been on the scene for quite sometime now, they’ve even produced a solid collection of merch on their web-store. Whether it’s their now classic “Monday Minutes” or their equally classic “Tombstone” beanie, 1817 is a brand that you should definitely get acquainted with. Check out their promo video above and click the link below to peep their official website.

Mario Skate Visual via Corridor Digital

Among the murmurs of Mario skateboarding expansions and games, the guys from Corridor Digital have decided to take things into their own hands. Known for their clean use of visual effects often in video game re-interpretations, these guys have really started to make a name for themselves on the web. A cool video that not only shows off what they can do, but also how awesome a Mario Skate game would be. Check out the video above and stay tuned for more.

Supreme “SWOOSH” (Video)

Just ahead of their upcoming collaboration with Nike SB, Supreme has released a quick edit featuring the team out in Paris. The edit only shows a few spots but these guys shred the shit out of them, Alex Olson even tops Benny Fairfax (Palace) with his own backside flip over the now fabled rail. Solid skating in this video, stay tuned for more from Supreme & Nike SB as they prepare to release their collaboration tomorrow.