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Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience

As Grand Theft Auto V’s next generation release draws closer, Rockstar Games has dropped a trailer featuring unexpected new gameplay. For the first time ever, players will be able to navigate Grand Theft Auto’s simulated cities in first person. NO, not just in your car, you’ll actually be able to walk, shoot, drive and everything else from the first person view, making for a more engaging experience. Take a look at the trailer above for yourself and be on the look out for GTA V for XBOX One & PS4 November 18th (PC Jan24th).

Joey Purp x Netherfriends x Chris Crack Live @ Emporium


Location: 1366 N Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago
When: Thursday, October 16th @ 9PM

Fake Shore Drive will be curating an event at Wicker Park’s Emporium Barcade tonight, and the lineup is pretty dope. The night will feature performances from Joey Purp, Netherfriends, Chris Crack, Fess Grandiose and Angel Katz, rounding out what should be a good time. This one’s 21+ and it’s FREE, if you’re looking for something to fill out your Thursday night you should stop by Emporium.

RoomAlive: Transforming Your Living Room Into a One of a Kind Gaming Experience

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RoomAlive is a brand new interactive gaming system that allows you to transform your living room into a video game. By installing the interactive projectors, they will automatically map out your living room allowing for the unique experience to work. When gaming, you can shoot, touch walls, dodge and even control a character with the system. While we are still a long shot from having these in our homes, this is one cool concept that could very much be real in the near future.

Mario Kart 8 Features Classic Mercedes-Benz’

Nintendo recently announced that it will be featuring classic Mercedes-Benz vehicles in it’s upcoming game Mario Kart 8. Not exactly sure how this came about, but it’s definitely interesting. Can’t decide whether it will be cool to see the cars being driven by classic Nintendo characters or if it’ll feel like blatant product placement/cross promotion. With the release of Mario Kart 8 just a couple of weeks away on August 27th, Wii fans can now envision Luigi driving a 1934 W-25 Silver Arrow.

NHL15 – E3 Official Gameplay

Ever since the EA Canada division took over for hockey, it seems as if the franchise has played more to the likes of a traditional arcade hockey game with heavy hits and frequent goals. Earlier today, the official trailer for NHL 15 was released and it appears that they are heading in the right direction with improved graphics and a slightly more accurate style of gameplay. The last highlight kinda hurt with Kane’s backhand game winner over the Wild. Stay tuned as NHL 15 is released this upcoming September 9th.

Playing Tetris on Philadelphia’s Cira Centre Skyscraper

Drexel professor, Frank Lee, hacked the 29-story Cira Centre Building in Philadelphia to play Tetris, all in honor of the 30th anniversary of the game. While using joysticks, like the original, those in attendance were able to play the largest game of Tetris recorded. This rather short video showcases the fluidity of this live action Tetris game. Now let’s see some one step up and do Pacman.

Virtual Reality, No Longer A Thing Of The Past

Sony’s Project Morpheus 

Oculus Rift (DK2)

With the recent announcements of the Oculus Rift 2 and Sony’s Project Morpheus, virtual reality looks to be the next gen of the gaming world. With Oculus’ version of VR gaming, they are allowing game makers to purchase the latest Development Kit (DK2) for $350. Meanwhile, Sony followed up by saying something like, “hey guys we’re Sony, we are planning to team with NASA and pump money into this thing. Now look at our VR headset Project Morpheus”. Below we provided a brief overview with videos of the two devices. Keep in mind, these are very much the beginning stages for the headsets, and we will find out more details soon.

Sony’s Project Morpheus

  • Prototype HMD has 1080p resolution and 90 degree field of view.
  • Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors.
  • PlayStation camera that tracks head orientation and head movement.

Oculus’ Rift DK2 (not the consumer version)

  • Resolution is 960 x 1080 per eye.
  • Viewing optics also provide a nominal 100 degree field of view.
  • Headset features a gyroscope, accelerometer and a magnetometer.
  • Positional tracking by an infrared CMOS sensor.

Aled Lewis – Real Life vs. Video Games

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British photographer Aled Lewis recently posted a dope new project to his website. Lewis specializes in animation that’s often of the 8/16-bit variety, this time around he’s decided to blend traditional photography with a few classics you may remember from back in the day. Excitebike, Mario Kart, Donkey Kong and even SkiFree (props if you know about that) are among those included, peep the pics above and click the link below for more.

Ubisoft – Watch Dogs New Trailer and Release Date

The long awaited game, Watch Dogs, has officially been delayed until May 27th, 2014. The game, which has had everyone ooing and awwing over the last year, will take a back seat for now as Ubisoft makes sure the release date goes as planned. Hopefully the games high expectations won’t make for one epic flop. If you are not familiar with the game, here is some brief info to help you catch up.

The game itself is an open world action-adventure game based in Chicago. In this third-person shooter, you are able to hack into just about everything to manipulate multiple outcomes of the game. This allows you to enter peoples bank systems, traffic lights, power to the city and many others. While the demo that was shown at E3 a year ago had way better graphics than this trailer, it has been rumored that this is the trailer for the PS3/360 versions of the game. If this is true, it is odd they wouldn’t be showing us the absolute best product that they have.

Watch Dogs will be released for every platform, including the Wii U (which has no release date as of yet).

The Order: 1866

From the developers of the God of War series, presents their latest installation The Order: 1866. Developers, Ready at Dawn, have been slowly leaking more and more information about their game. The game itself has quite the backstory, so if you are interested, watch the second video above.

The game is set in an alternate history, where knights keep the world safe from animal like monsters which have eventually taken over the mythical world. The human Knights soon discover Black Water, which enables them healing powers allowing them to live longer, thus the start of a Revolution.

The game is set to be released solely for the PS4 console, and should make for a really in-depth experience when gaming. There is no set date, but it said to be released by mid 2014. MADE will feature regular updates on The Order, so stay tuned.