BLVCK SPVCE – Moonrocks

Black Space

A little late with this one, but about 2 weeks ago BLVCK SPVCE dropped some newness for all of our listening pleasure. If you’re unfamiliar, BLVCK SPVCE is a collective of producers and rappers including Rapper Hooks, 1990, DJ Snuggles, Amati, Niles Miller and Tennis Rodman. Their latest track “Moonrocks” is a banger with 90 & Amati handling the production, this that go nuts shit. Everyone does their own thing on this one, bringing a fresh breathe to Minneapolis’ already booming hip hop scene. I just want to know who did the ad-libs and when the video’s dropping? Peep the track below and keep an eye out for more from BLVCK SPVCE.

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