Beetlejuice Sequel May Reunite Burton and Keaton


With Beetlejuice already reaching its 25th anniversary this year, the thought of a sequel with both director Tim Burton and original actor Michael Keaton seemed a long forgotten idea. Beetlejuice is one of Burton’s most memorable films from the early days of his career (before he hopped on the Johnny Depp bandwagon), and is definitely one of Keaton’s most enduring roles, next to Mr. Mom (1983) and Batman (1989), which was also directed by Burton and co-starred Jack Nicholson. Warner Bros. is now in serious talks with both filmmakers to make the long-anticipated sequel, but it may still be a few years before the project really gets underway because Burton is currently attached to another film adaptation, Peregrine’s Home for Peculiars. If you haven’t seen the original Beetlejuice, you’ll definitely want to get on that as soon as possible, even if they don’t end up making a sequel!

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