Batman, Bourne & 2 Guns


Ever since the 2013 Comic Con announcement in San Diego that Zack Snyder would be working on a Batman vs Superman movie for the Man of Steel sequel, nonstop gossip has hit Hollywood about who should play Batman? Will Christian Bale come back for the role? Should a young actor who can continue the role in a Justice League movie should be chosen? Now reports have indicated that the studios are looking to cast a more middle-aged actor to play the part; someone who can portray a veteran hero who has already been to hell and back again and isn’t going to fuck around with any bullshit. Names such as Josh Brolin and Gerard Butler are being tossed around, but no official announcement has been made.


At this point Matt Damon would even be a good contender. Damon has recently said that he would not be returning to the upcoming fifth Bourne movie from Universal unless director Paul Greengrass was coming back. The Bourne Legacy, which was released 2012, brought in an impressive $276 million, but was not focused on the Bourne character that Damon portrayed. Instead Jeremy Renner played a new character, Aaron Cross, who was also an agent in the same program Bourne had been in.

In other news, 2 Guns, which opened Thursday night to $1.3 million, has so far brought in a total of $10 million with Friday night showings, pretty impressive for an action/comedy these days!

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