22 Jump Street Underway


21 Jump Street proved to be a hilarious spin off the popular TV series from the late 1980s starring Johnny Depp and Peter DeLuise. The film was directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and starred Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as Jenko and Schmidt, who are sent to the precinct on Jump Street where Depp’s and DeLuise’s characters originally got their start. The actors did a great job as undercover police officers sent to bust a drug trafficking case out of a local high school, and the material from screenwriter Michael Macall and co-writer Jonah Hill was fantastic, but it made it just that much better when Depp and DeLuise made a hilarious cameo in their original roles. A sequel, appropriately titled 22 Jump Street, is currently being filmed with Tatum, Hill, and Ice Cube all returning for the project. There are also a few newcomers attached to the film, including Craig Roberts (Submarine) and Wyatt Russell (that’s Kurt Russell’s son!). The film is scheduled for release next summer.

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