2017 Tribeca Film Festival Is Now Underway

masks at festival

The 16th annual Tribeca Film Festival is once again underway in New York City. Entries in this year’s festival include films from 28 countries, which are being shown from April 19th to April 30th. The festival has already seen a fair share of controversy this year. Photographers and reporters were incensed to find some lesser known actors walking on the red carpet wearing masks of James Franco, Shia LaBeouf, and Greta Gerwig instead of the actors themselves for the premiere of the film Flames. In addition, a commercial for United Airlines, which was originally scheduled to appear at the festival, was pulled from the line up after the controversy surrounding Dr. David Dao being violently dragged off one of their flights. Despite a fair share of controversy, which has always been typical of the Hollywood scene, there have been some impressive displays at this year’s festivities.

Tribeca Immersive’s Storyscapes and Virtual Arcade, a virtual reality project showing at this year’s festival, is raising eyebrows and prompting filmmakers and movie-goers alike to ponder the future of the movie-going experience. The Protectors: A Walk in the Ranger’s Shoes allows participants to walk alongside Rangers in Africa protecting endangered elephants with the use of 360º camera technology. Another film, Auto, allows audience members to sit-in and experience a self-driven taxi trip. Storyscapes will be running through April 29th. Other noteworthy premieres at this year’s festival include director Brian Shoaf’s Aardvark with Jenny Slate and John Hamm, as well as Bryan Buckley’s Dabka with Al Pacino, and a documentary titled The Death And Life of Marsha P. Johnson by renowned director David France. There will also be a “family reunion” for the cast and crew of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs happening Friday, April 28th! Click here for a full list of showings for the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival from Deadline. Happy viewings!

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