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THRAXX w/ Ness Nite & Drelli


Location: 629 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis
When: Saturday, September 3rd @ 9PM

As the events continue to pour in, you don’t really get the feeling that summer is officially winding down. There are plenty of things to do this weekend, but one thing you should keep an eye on is Thraxx at the Triple Rock. The event will feature performances from Ness Nite, Drelli, KAS, Tricky, Lewii Lew, and T$EN$IE; a solid lineup for the price of $3. This one is 18+ and the homie BVCKWOODS, DJ Smoove, and SAJNT, will be spinning throughout the night. Click the link below to RSVP for $3 tickets ($7 @ door) and make sure to keep an eye out for more information.


Musa Reems “Another Dos(e)”

A couple of weeks ago we received some new music from Musa Reems of Children of I.L.L.I.O.S. A wordsmith with a great ear for instrumentals, Musa’s solo affair is only 2 tracks but worth the listen. On “Eclipse,” the budding MC shows off his poise switching gears effortlessly as the record progresses. No word on if there is more on the way, but we’re definitely listening. Check out Another Dos(e) above and stay tuned for more.

Familia Sport Caps

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Just because summer is almost over doesn’t mean you have to put your ball caps away. The good people over at Familia recently released some dope sport caps in four super clean colorways. These are currently retailing for a mere $20, but they are going FAST. Click the link below or stop by to grab yours.


Bijah B – Half Grey Skies Ft. Jahkobi & Josh Johnson

We’ve been vibing to this record for a good week, so it’s about time we officially post it. The homie Josh Johnson put me on to Bijah B and Jahkobi, two artists that you should put on your radar; their collaboration resulting in the above record. Although simple, the instrumental does it’s job allowing the sax to jump in and out with ease. The various breakdowns might catch you off guard, but the frenetic drops reign the listener in right on time. A medley of sounds, “Half Grey Skies” is very uplifting, we’re excited to see what’s next. Check it out for yourself above and make sure to be on the look out for more.

This Week In Movie History….

Director Wes Craven went down in cinematic history for his iconic career in the horror film industry. Craven is behind such famous franchises as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, which of course brought the unforgettable characters of Freddy Kruger and Jason Voorhees to movie-goers worldwide. This was not, however, the reaction upon the release of a much earlier and grittier horror film Craven got behind in the early ’70s. The Last House on the Left was released on August 30, 1972. It was one of Craven’s first pairings with horror producer Sean S. Cunningham, and serves as a staple of cult horror films typical of the era. The film’s harshly realistic and graphic subject matter surrounds a pair of teenage girls who are abducted by a gang of escaped convicts and are subjected to rape, disembowelment, castration, and much more. Continue reading

Iconic Actor Gene Wilder Has Passed Away at the Age of 83


Legendary comedic actor Gene Wilder, best known for his roles in films like Young Frankenstein, The Producers, Blazing Saddles, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, passed away Monday after a struggle with Alzheimer’s Disease. The actor was twice nominated for an Academy Award, one for his role in The Producers and the other as co-writer with Mel Brooks for Young Frankenstein. Wilder first gained attention in a production of Off Broadway’s Roots in 1961. He then continued working in television and on Broadway for a number of years, where he first caught the eye of filmmaker Mel Brooks. The actor starred in a production of Bonnie and Clyde in 1967 before teaming up with Brooks for his breakout role in The Producers, which earned him his first nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Continue reading

[MADE] Recap – Rich Garvey’s “Man of The People” Album Release w/ P.O.S ||| Part 1.

RichManofPeople (90 of 91)Rich GarveyRichManofPeople (71 of 91)deM atlaSRichManofPeople (17 of 91)Free Lunch CrewRichManofPeople (58 of 91)P.O.S.RichManofPeople (38 of 91)Destiny RobertsRichManofPeople (6 of 91)BlamsissRichManofPeople (20 of 91)Vagabond MauriceRichManofPeople (25 of 91)Unknown CreaturesRichManofPeople (23 of 91)Mac Drakula RichManofPeople (32 of 91)Phib

Last night, we made our way into 7th Street Entry for Rich Garvey’s album release for Man of the People. Let’s just say, he did not disappoint with this show.  Rich was a man of his word, featuring a whole pageful of artists to make for an entertaining evening. The sold out crowd built energy from each performance, making for a hell of a show from start to finish. Make sure to stay locked here for more pictures to come and peep Garvey’s latest album below.

Man of the People


Memorable Movie Moments…

Today’s Memorable Movie Moment takes us back to 1939, to one of the most acclaimed films ever to come out of Hollywood. Gone with the Wind is director Victor Fleming‘s masterful adaptation of author Margaret Mitchell‘s epic novel surrounding the American Civil War and the Reconstruction era that followed. The film underwent several stages of production, including switching directors and screenwriters because of its importance: it was Warner Bros. top competitor against MGM’s upcoming color-release The Wizard of Oz, which was to be released the same year. The film earned 13 Oscar nominations, winning Best Picture, Best Actress (Vivien Leigh), Best Director (Fleming), Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Film Editing, and Best Screenplay for Sidney Howard, who became the first posthumous Academy Award winner.

Gone with the Wind also won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Hattie McDaniel (The Great Life, Song of the South). The award made Hattie the first African American to be nominated and to win an Academy Award, and her performance is today’s Memorable Movie Moment. Continue reading

Rich Garvey – Better This Way Ft. GainesFM & Frank Castle

The homie Rich Garvey recently released a new track from off of his upcoming project, Man of The People. Titled “Better This Way,” the Travis Gorman produced instrumental provides a murky background for Rich Garvey and GainesFM. Both artists do their thing showing off a variety of flows throughout their verses. Garvey doesn’t waver once on the track, the vet has a lyrical prowess that is far above your typical MC. A dope record that we’re sure you’ll see performed at his upcoming release party, check out “Better this way” and click the link below for details regarding the release party.

Rich Garvey “Man of The People” Release Party

The Fourth Phase (Trailer)

We know you probably don’t want to see any snow just quite yet, but this video is amazing. Red Bull recently dropped the trailer for their upcoming snowboarding film, The Fourth Phase. From the back hills of Wyoming to some of Asia’s enormous peaks, the visual showcases stunning scenery. Check it out for yourself above and stay tuned for more.