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[MADE] Recap – Pornonono Release Show @ Icehouse 5.29.15

This past Friday, we stopped into Icehouse to see Pornonono’s CD release show for YESWith opening performances by BOYF and Zibra Zibra – the night was set up for one entertaining evening. As Minneapolis continues to push into summer mode, expect to see a lot more from these guys moving forward. With a hell of a show performed at one of Minneapolis’s finer venues, Pornonono is carrying quite a bit of momentum leading into the busiest season ahead. Make sure to stay tuned for more recaps to come!

By: Vogz

Cal-Surf Welcomes Jake Mausolf

Cottage Grove (MN) skater Jake Mausolf has been making moves as of late and it looks like the guys from Cal-Surf took notice. The Uptown skate shop posted the above video earlier today officially welcoming Jake to their skate team. Check out the short video above and stay tuned for more.

New Film ‘Heaven Knows What’ From Directors Ben And Joshua Safdie Opening May 29th

Directing brothers Ben and Joshua Safdie (The Black Baloon, Lenny Cooke) will see their dramatic 2014 hit Heaven Knows What opening in theaters this May 29th. The film received recognition at the Venice Film Festival last year and was also shown at this year’s SXSW Festival. Adapted by Joshua and fellow screenwriter Ronald Bronstein (Frownland, Go Get Some Rosemary) from a book by Arielle Holmes (Winter’s Dream), the story follows Harley and Ilya (played by author Arielle Holmes), the latter of whom struggles with heroin addiction, but who, at Harley’s request to prove her love, slits her wrists to save herself and their relationship in this intense psychological drama. Holmes based the book and character on her real-life experiences as a heroin addict and the lengths she and her fellow users would go to in order to get their fix. Making up the supporting cast are actors Caleb Landry Jones (No Country For Old Men, X-Men: First Class), and Eleanore Hendricks (A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, Nancy Please). The movie opens in theaters nationwide this May 29th, and from the looks of the trailer it will be pretty intense. The trailer alone will take you back to 2000’s hard-hitting drug-drama Requiem For A Dream. Check it out here on MADE!

[MADE] Brew of the Week

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After trying a series of new brews this week, this is THE one that stood out. By now, most have heard of Tallgrass brewery out of Manhattan KS. While their two most popular beers that stand out are the 8 Bit Pale Ale and Buffalo Sweat Milk Stout – this new brew is up for their top rankings.

Named rightfully so as, 16-Bit, the Double Pale Ale is loaded with flavor. With a heavy malt base with zesty hops – the 16-Bit is a whole new realm of flavors. With the flavors of cascade and potentially the aroma of citra hops, I found my self consuming 16oz rather quickly. Sitting at a decent 6.2% ABV, it is certainly one delicious brew for the upcoming summer.

Allan Kingdom – Mandela


DJ Booth recently linked up with Allan Kingdom for the next installment of their “Freestyle” series. Entitled “Mandela,” the flute heavy instrumental meshes well with Allan allowing him to delivery comfortably. The kid Allan Kingdom has come a loooooong way in just 2 years, from pitching his tape anywhere anyone would listen to private flights with Kanye West, not too shabby. Clearly the front runner within the Twin Cities MUSIC scene (not just hip hop), Allan’s wave continues to grow with no signs of slowing down. A record that could have easily been placed on a project, “Mandela” is as solid as a loose record gets. Check it out below and stay tuned for more.

New Sci-Fi Project ‘Valerian’ From Writer/Director Luc Besson In The Works

Writer/director Luc Besson at work behind the camera.

French filmmaker Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, The Transporter) is currently in production on his new sci-fi project titled Valerian. Besson is still working on the full cast list, as well as his own script adaptation, based on the comic books by Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mezieres, but thus far actors Cara Delevingne (Anna Karenina, Suicide Squad) and Dane DeHaan (Lincoln, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) have both been signed on for the film. The full working title for the project is Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, and will follow the time-traveler Valerian and his sidekick Laureline on an all new adventure. We still have some time before we actually see this one in theaters, but a tentative French release is scheduled for 2017. We’ll bring you more details as they unfold over the next few months. Stay tuned!

[MADE] The Coastal Cruz: Urban Jungle pt.2

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As this post begins to wind down our Coastal Cruz series from California, we would like to present our second to last post to the series with pt.2 of the Urban Jungle edition. As we wound our way through the abandon Nazi compound in the mountain tops, we found leftover’s of what used to be from years ago. Anything from abandon houses, gutters, cars and who knows what – it was something worth seeing to say the least. Definitely one of the highlights from the trip, and we hope to visit again one day in the near future. Stay tuned next week for the last post to the series, and feel free to catch up with any of the previous images that we posted below.

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By: Vogz

Children of I.L.L.I.O.S – Elysian (Video)

Children of I.L.L.I.O.S recently dropped the visual for the 4th single off their debut album, Journey Through The Blakk Sun. Directed by Nick Visuals and produced by Moods, the video compliments the record’s feel perfectly balancing the golden era with I.L.L.I.O.S’ style. These kids are definitely on the up and up, solid flows, no gimmicks, and above all, it looks like they’re genuinely having fun. Check out the video for “Elysian” above and be on the look out for more from Children of I.L.L.I.O.S.

Slihmm – Basement

Houston MC, Slihmm, recently dropped a new track titled “Basement” for all of our listening pleasure. The young spitter clearly has a knack for complex rhyme schemes accentuating his bars with a cool delivery. Produced by Brothermoon, the laid back track breezes by at a length under 1 minute. Check out Slihmm’s track “Basement” above and stay tuned for more.