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Kids Like Us – Let Me Be

Southside group Kids Like Us dropped off their new visual for the track “Let Me Be” a few days ago and it’s pretty dope. Directed by Collective Brain, the quirky visual compliments the track well as both MCs trade off going bar for bar. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from these guys, but that appears to be changing soon. No word on an official project coming up, but you can expect to hear a lot more where this came from. Check out the visual for “Let Me Be” above and make sure to be on the look out for more from Kids Like Us.

BMW 1 Series – Hatchback125i

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BMW recently introduced the brand new design to their 1 series BMW. The model will be available in both the 3 door and 5 door options. Whether you are a fan or not, I personally find this smaller 326hp twin-turbo hatchback to be one sexy car. Aside from it’s small body and powerful engine, the new BMW will have a variety of technologically advanced features: assistant parallel parking, rain sensors, auto AC, LED lights and a radar based cruise control (to name a few).

Polkadot Mayhem Present’s – “Pale Blue Dot”

The collective’s latest record, Pale Blue Dot, features BOTZY, Dig Mode & Once-ler.  The Minneapolis based group released the record two days ago and it’s yet another solid body of work released in the Twin Cities. From the opening of “Manifest Destiny” to “Winning,” Pale Blue Dot plays effortlessly to the end. With heavy tones, deep bass and a variety of artists –  the group is off to a solid start to 2015 with their latest release. Let’s not forget the quality production and mastering by Once-ler and Wesley Opus – stay tuned citizens, 2015 is gunna be a big year for many.

BLVCK SPVCE LIVE @ Triple Rock Social Club

Blvck Spvce

Location: 629 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis
When: Friday, January 30th @ 9PM

After throwing down a good set at this year’s Zombie Pub Crawl and opening for Alex Wiley, BLVCK SPVCE is back for their first headliner. The Triple Rock Social Club will host the event which will also feature performances from Spyder Baybie & 2% Muck, DJ Snuggles, and Major G. Greenroom Magazine and Create Karma will sponsor the event, so you can bet that there will be plenty of goodies on hand for those who attend. This one’s 18+ and tickets are available now for only $5, click the link below and cop yours now before they sell out.


Vans Spring 2015 “Sidestripe” Pack

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Vans is gearing up for Spring with a sneak peak at their upcoming “Sidestripe” pack. The package includes a grey pair with a cork stripe, a red pair with a leopard stripe, and a khaki pair with a tortoise stripe, all of which are pretty clean in their own right. Utilizing their Old Skool model, Vans definitely has a solid addition to their currently booming lineup. These should be available at your local Vans retailer any day now.

Actor David Henrie Cast To Play Young Ronald Reagan In New Biopic


Last week The Hollywood Reporter released word that Disney Channel actor David Henrie would be starring in a new biographical drama about former President Ronald Reagan. Henrie, who has appeared mainly in TV shows like Wizards of Waverly Place, That’s So Raven, and How I Met Your Mother, will be playing Reagan in his youthful days before he went off to Hollywood to become a film actor. This will likely be only a small portion of the script which was penned by Howard Klausner (Space Cowboys, The Grace Card), but as of yet Henrie is the only definitive cast member that has been announced. A $25 million budget has been approved for the Indie film, which is being credited as the first legitimate biographical film about Ronald Reagan, who died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s in 2004. We’ll keep an eye on who is assigned to direct this one, as well as additional cast members.

Shlohmo – Dark Red


Music doesn’t need to be happy. Music doesn’t need to have lyrics. Music is an art form that paints our emotions in the form of time – it is in temporal order, so take it how you will. Shlohmo continues to produce music that has it’s very own rhythmic dark tones that let the mind to be free within it. Let’s stay away from genres and all the other topics on this one too. What we should be focused on is his latest album, Dark Red, to be released on April 7th. I can already see Christopher Nolan adapting a film to the first two tracks. Hear that Nolan?! In the end, pen in the release date, press play and enjoy.

Kaytranada – Drive Me Crazy Ft. Vic Mensa

Haitian/Canadian producer Kaytranada recently dropped a new track featuring his new partner in crime, Vic Mensa. Entitled “Drive Me Crazy”, the record is reminiscent of their previous collaboration, however, Vic gets A LOT more technical on this one; the youngin even flexes his crooning skills. Kaytra & Vic are proving that they have a potent chemistry with each release, here’s to hoping that they have more where this came from. No word on any newness from Vic or Kaytranada, but you can bet that both of them have big plans for 2015. Check out “Drive Me Crazy” above and keep an eye out for more.

Doomtree “All Hands”


The Doomtree crew released their highly anticipated album, All Hands, today and it’s every bit as enjoyable as you’d imagined. For those that don’t know, Doomtree is a Twin Cities based collective (super collective?) that features P.O.S, Dessa, Mike Mictlan, Paper Tiger, Cecil Otter, Sims and Lazerbeak; a force to be reckoned with to say the least. All Hands marks a transition for the crew as they continue to be an underground favorite across the nation. Word around town is that they recorded the album in seclusion to avoid the outside influences that so often ruin the end product, it appears that they’ve been successful in their efforts. All Hands is a dynamic project from front to back with an eclectic feel, the fact that so many high quality artists have touched the project makes no difference, it sounds like a genuine collaboration between like-minded friends. Check it out below and make sure to cop it from iTunes for your personal collection.

Doomtree “All Hands” via iTunes