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Location: 2462 N Linden Place, Chicago
When: Thursday, May 29th

Chicago & Minneapolis are smokin hot right now when it comes to anything hip hop. Whether it’s growing events like Soundset, an endless pool of talent or the revival of the good old house party/show; it’s looking like a good summer for both cities. The New Deal Crew will host NewDealPALOOZA! at The Mansion tonight with a stacked roster including Saba, Roy French, Netherfriends, Sulaiman and a few special guests from the Legion of Dudez. $2 drink donations will be encouraged, but bringing your own booze is advised; if you’re near Logan Square you should definitely hit this up.

Jellyfish Brigade – Man The Riverboat


Portland duo, Jellyfish Brigade released the second single off of their upcoming project, Diving Lessons last week. Entitled “Man The Riverboat”, the 8 bit like production moves at a nice pace allowing Lucas to deliver a playful verse. This track spans a wide variety of genres, showing a good deal of versatility between the MC and the producer. With Diving Lessons due out June 24th, it’ll be interesting to see what Jellyfish Brigade has coming pre-release. Peep the track below and stay tuned for more.

Go yama – Space Dandy Bump


The producer out of San Diego just dropped another dope track titled “Space Dandy Bump”. The track was released yesterday through the ROOTNOTE Collective, and possesses a nice summer bounce with some smooth jazz about midway through. If you listen to other Go yama songs, you will notice the heavy jazz and hip-hop influenced throughout his music. Enjoy.

Bentley Previews New SUV

British automaker Bentley has recently given us a new look at their upcoming SUV, which has been in the works for quite some time. Made famous by 2 Chains’ line “When they gonna make that Bentley truck” from a few years back, it appears he’ll finally get his wish soon enough. The truck is said to have a price tag of around $270,000; I mean, who needs a house when you’re riding like this.

New Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s Next Project ‘Interstellar’ Is Finally Here

I have been waiting to see some visual hints about director Christopher Nolan’s next movie for several months now, and it looks like we finally have an initial trailer to give us some idea. The Dark Knight and Inception director is now looking to the stars to tell his next story, which will focus on the future of mankind and our impact on Earth and the implications of further space exploration. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Casey Affleck, and Michael Caine (a Nolan regular!), the film is written by Nolan and his brother, Jonathan (who also cowrote Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises) and will be released this November by Warner Bros. with Paramount and Legendary Pictures. If you need further convincing after watching this trailer, just go back and watch Inception, Memento, or Insomnia (three of Nolan’s earlier works) and watch filmmaking at it’s best!

VICE News Daily: Behind The Headlines – May 29th, 2014

Vice has always held it down as far as bringing forth different perspectives goes. Whether it’s cool, funny, intellectual or straight up weird; they’ve done it all. As you may (or may not) already know, the American mainstream media isn’t always the best at conveying actual news. This is where Vice’s “Behind the Headlines” segment comes in. They try to bring to light issues that some how slip under the radar in our newsrooms. Check out today’s headlines and keep an eye out for the next one.

Greg Grease, Toki Wright & Allan Kingdom on Sway In The Morning

The other day, Sway set up his morning show in Minnesota finding a chance to link up with Greg Grease, Toki Wright & Allan Kingdom before Soundset. During the course of the interview, each artist gets a chance to introduce them self and give a little info about their current projects. Later in the evening, the 3 participate in a freestyle in signature Sway In The Morning style. It’s awesome to see artists from our city getting their due cred, big ups to Sway for always holding the Twin Cities down.

NEW Mini Superleggera Vision

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‘The absolutely visually stunning roadster built complete with an electric drive-train is the latest car from BMW’s MINI. The MINI Superleggera Vision is built after the classic roadster racing styled cars, yet perfectly blends the tradition of classic Italian coachwork construction. The car is still a concept, as it was just unveiled. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, as it would be some time before it hits production.

For More Visit Touring Superleggera

Newman Radios – Vintage Loudspeakers

Newman Vintage Radios il_570xN.542422313_hg7w il_570xN.542422315_53cm il_570xN.542422877_r57x il_570xN.548868651_eymc

The good guys over at Newman Radios have re-disigned some retro styled radios to fit today’s technology. The radio’s original design has been cleaned out thoroughy and replaced with new parts, allowing the radio to have that classic feel. These new and improved retro-styled radios now run off of Bluetooth, allowing one to use it nearly anywhere they would like. Each style is priced separately from around 95-120 euros. If you have the cash and like what you see, feel free to purchase one below.

 Newman Vintage Radios

Robert Zemeckis Will Lead Joseph Gordon-Levitt In ‘To Reach The Clouds’ Adaptation


Director Robert Zemeckis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have teamed up for a film adaptation of Philippe Petit’s memoir To Reach The Clouds, chronicling the story of his 1974 tightrope walk between the World Trade Center towers in New York City. The film will focus on Petit’s conception of the idea and it’s preparation leading up to the historic feet. Levitt will take the lead role in the film, which will also star James Badge Dale (The Departed, Flight) and Oscar winner Sir Ben Kingsley (Schindler’s List, Shutter Island). The film will be produced by TriStar Pictures (yes, TriStar is back in business!) and is scheduled for release in October, 2015.