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Porn & Chicken: Marvel Vs. Capcom Banger!


Location: 1551 W Division Street, Minneapolis
When: Monday, February 3rd, @ 10PM

Chicago’s Porn & Chicken dance party is back for yet another round this coming Monday at the Evil Olive. Voted Chicago’s best dance party by the Chicago Reader, P&C is ALWAYS the wildest party in the city. This time around the event is “Marvel Vs Capcom” themed, so anyone who plans on attending should dress up as their favorite character. Peep the video below for a look at what’s in store, click the link and RSVP for NO COVER before 11PM via Do312.

Porn & Chicken: Marvel vs Capcom Banger! RSVP

Glow Mechanics – Still Buggin’ (Video)

The homies Glow Mechanics released a pretty dope visual for their track, “Still Buggin”; off of their last mix-tape “Schmo Mechanics”. Something Legitimate laced the duo with a ill beat, while Anthony Maroney and crew match it with good video quality. The new visual definitely correlates with how the song feels, peep the vid above and stay tuned for more from Glow Mechanics.

OneWheel Electric Skateboard

The guys over at OneWheel have dreamt up a knew idea for skateboarding and hope to make it a reality. The one-wheeled electric skateboard is the first of its kind. The design is based off of the hover board in. Back to the Future, and it is the closest thing yet to it. With a little bit of help on Kickstarter, OneWheel hopes their dreams could come true and begin production on the boards. The only bad thing about the OneWheel skateboard, is the fact that it would completely eliminate the whole exercise part of skateboarding. . . Oh well, this thing looks like it would be a smooth ride.

Ski Ballet in Sochi 2014 Olympics

Ski Ballet at the 2014 Olympics? Yeah right, like Putin would ever allow for that to happen. This video from 1985 shows Richard Schabl (defending the gold), and George Fuehrmeir tearin’ up the slopes at Breckenridge. Since it won’t actually be in the 2014 Olympics, lets take some time to reflect on this one of a kind sport.

Don’t forget to tune in and cheer on AMERICA at the Sochi 2014 Olympics next Friday, February 7th, 2014.

Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson

This epic trailer was just released for the upcoming series, Cosmos, which will air March 9th. The series is a continuation of the great astronomer, Carl Sagen’s Cosmos, which is one of the greatest series to ever be made. If you are not familiar with the series, go onto Netflix and start watching and learn about some real deep scientific facts about our existence. . . I  mean it’s deeper than deep.  Lets just hope this series sticks to its roots and isn’t a flop.

Chris Crack – Not Playing With Kids (Video)


Chris Crack took to Twitter yesterday to release his second video of the week. This one’s entitled “Not Playing With Kids”, directed by Davy Greenberg (once again); the video is simple, contrasting Chris’ complex rhyme scheme. Peep the video below and keep an eye out for more from Chris Crack.

ASICS 2014 “Valentine’s Day” Pack


ASICS recently released images of their new “Valentine’s Day” pack, which is slated to hit shelves tomorrow. The pack consists of 2 separate pairs, the above “Haters”, and an all red “Lovers” model which is not pictured. The “Haters” are definitely something to keep your eyes out for, if you like what you see you should check retailers tomorrow. Click the link below for more pics.

ASICS America

Jugrnaut Presents: “Sweatshop A Welcome Back”


Location: 2011 W North Avenue, Chicago
When: Thursday, January 30th @ 8PM

The good guys at Jugrnaut always seem to have something going on and it appears they’re back at it again. Their “Sweatshop Dance Party” is back for another round at Chicago’s Subterranean on 6 Corners. Wicker Park is always a good time, especially when you’ve got Matt Boy White, Manny Muscles, DJ Iggy & Elz all spinning under the same roof. The event is 17+ and is only $5 in advance ($7 @ the door before 10PM), definitely something to stop by and check out.

First Avenue’s Best New Bands 2013


Location: 701 First Avenue N, Minneapolis
When: Thursday, January 30th @ 7PM

Radio K and The Current will be linking up to bring together “First Avenue’s Best New Bands of 2013” tonight. The lineup for this one is absolutely stacked and features GRRRL PRTY, Allan Kingdom & Black Diet among others. The event is 18+ and is only $7 bucks, if you know like we know; you’ll definitely be at this one. Click the link below for tickets and stay tuned for more.

First Avenue’s Best New Bands 2013 Tickets