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Audio Perm “New Years Eve Dance Party”

Audio Perm

Location: 720 Central Ave NE, Minneapolis
When: 10PM

If you’re still looking for that last minute thing to do for New Years Eve look no further. The Audio Perm guys are throwing a dance party along with the Cannaholics & the Larceny. Music will be provided by Bobby Raps & Taylor Madrigal with surprise sets sprinkled in as well, tickets are only $5 and the event is 18+ for all of those under age. If you’re still in the hunt for something to do, for the low; hit this up it should be a good time.

Premier x Nike SB Dunk High


Nike SB will once again be hooking up with Michigan’s own Premier for a second round of kicks. The close relationship between the two companies is no secret as Premier usually stocks just about every Nike SB release. Peep the “Petosky 2s” above, if you like what you see head over to Premier’s website on January 4th; these will retail at $120.

Jugrnaut New Years Sale


The good guys at Jugrnaut will be holding another sale for New Years on Thursday, January 2nd. The sale boasts 45-65% off everything and will include a separate section of $10 tees, hats & tank tops. If you missed the Christmas Day Sale, this is your chance to capitalize on some fresh gear.

Phillip Morris , Rapper Hooks & Black Diet LIVE @ Cause Soundbar


Location: 3001 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis
When: Tuesday, December 31st @ 9PM

Phillip Morris & Rapper Hooks will be headlining a New Years Eve show tonight at Cause Soundbar. The show will also feature the likes of Black Diet and is set at $10 for tickets; 21+. For anyone still looking for New Years plans, look no further; this should definitely be a good time. If you don’t have anything better going on, stop on down at Cause and check out some dope local music.

Universal Moves Fast & Furious 7 To April 2015


Following the shocking death of actor Paul Walker a month ago, Universal Studios decided to halt production on Fast & Furious 7 until it could be determined whether the company would start from scratch with the project, or if they would continue on and simply edit Walker’s already filmed scenes. Universal has now stated that the release date for the film will be pushed back to April 2015, but that Paul Walker will not be removed from the final cut. The filmmakers will still have to figure out how to move forward with the project while incorporating Walker’s scenes, but fans will be relieved to see the veteran actor in his most famous role one more time. With all the confusion that will already be happening in the movie world in 2015, we’ll definitely keep an eye on this one.

[FRESH] Chuck Inglish Releases EP – Easily

The Chicago emcee/producer just released his five track EP, Easily. About a month ago here at MADE, we gave everyone a little heads up, as Chuck debuted the track, “Came Thru/Easily”. Just because we are so nice, here it is again incase you missed it.

The five track EP features Chuck’s signature sound with simple but heavy drum and bass, taking it back to the basics; but yet, once again he brings the heat on this one. Right now the EP is only available on iTunes for just over $5. We have always been a big fan of Chuck and the Cool Kids as their music bangs out parties and shows. God damn though, we had to turn Swervin wayyyyyyyy up.

Stay tuned for more as Chuck releases his solo album, Convertibles, on February 11th, 2014.




Minneapolis’ Vandaam, is one unique group to say the least. It is only right that we pay some homage to the group, who has been receiving much love from the city. The futuristic ‘Chill Wave’ that they possess, has had me groovin’ to them twice now at their shows. The group consists of three artists: Lady Midnight on vocals, producer Absent, and producer Sloslylove. The three fit together like the ingredients on a burger. Lady Midnight’s the meat and buns, once heated; the others melt together like cheese and make the sounds we hear, right? The collective is as good as they sound live, and are really hard to categorize as a genre. Overall, the album is an experience in itself. Make sure to listen to the full album here, and let us know what you think here at MADE.

World’s Largest Kinex Machine

At the local Children’s Museum (The Works) in Bloomington, MN, a man by the name of Austin Granger, built something for the ages. Simply every child’s dream has come true, as this piece of work twists and winds its way through the museum to create history. This thing is amazing, so make sure to watch this short video, and stay tuned as more surfaces.

Glow Mechanics Perform ‘Aloft’ @ the Radio K Studio

The homies from Glow Mechanics continue to put in heavy work as they throw down live at the Radio K Studio. The group’s popularity continues to rise as they continue to hold it down at local venues around Minneapolis. Check out ‘Aloft’ here, and stay tuned for more from Glow Mechanics here.

Why Marijuana is Illegal

While some may think this is redundant, this informative four minute rant from Joe Rogan sums up this topic rather well. Many people throughout the world use it, or simply do not know what the hell its actual benefits are; it gets explained perfectly here. Instead of watching one of those god-awful lengthy documentaries and videos that often bore people, this is all you need. Enjoy.