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Shea Butter – The Kush Packs EP


A couple weeks ago we received a submission containing “The Kush Pack EP” by Shea Butter and now we’re finally posting. Shea definitely has his own style and sound with quick witted bars and beats that bang for days (Not in a trap way). We expect to hear a lot more from this kid, make sure to peep his EP below and stay tuned for more from Shea & Rookie Beats.

Big Sean – Fire


Big Sean has slowly been giving hints and visuals into his sophomore effort entitled “Hall of Fame”. This time around a track named “Fire” has leaked for our listening pleasure, Sean spits some heat on this track (appropriately) so make sure to take a listen and stay tuned for more as the release date gets closer.

Summerset Music & Camping Festival

Where: Sommerset, WI.

Tickets: GA- $110 – Camping – $225 – for more click ‘tickets’

9 more days until Summerset begins! If you are late in the game, good luck because tickets are about to be sold out and they are twice as expensive now. The weekend is going to be crazy out in Sommerset, Wisconsin. The music will feature anything from bluegrass, electronic (EDM), and even a few hip-hop groups.  Weirdly enough, the festival is 16+, so lets hope not to many parents let their kids go out for 3 nights. Besides that, good people and good music should make for a good time. Make sure to snag your after party tickets ($20) for two nights includes: Big G, Eoto and others.

Above video is a teaser video from last year –


Adrian Peterson Helmet Cam


AP was the first if not one of the first to fully use GoPro’s new helmet cam. The whole thing is a new experiment being done by the NFL, which rumors have it, may lead to refs eventually wearing the cameras. After watching the video, I now know what it is like to run like the wind. Check out the link above as AP hits gaps and brings some humor into the everyday life of training camp.

Chance the Rapper – Everybody’s Something

Chance just released his latest video Everybody’s Something. The video once again brings a abstract-trippy look into Chance’s rhymes. We see a few clips from some of the older vids from a while back, with glimpses of Chicago, and other images in the background.  Overall the visuals are pretty dope, peep the video above.  Oh, and RIP JDILLA.

John Williams Returning to Star Wars


It has been 35 years since we were first overcome by that triumphant symphony we now all recognize at first note. Composer John Williams, who has worked on film scores for Jaws, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Jurassic Park, won the Academy Award for the original Star Wars score in 1978 and has returned ever since to work on all six feature films. Yes, even the horrific Ewan McGregor installations. Williams is now set to begin work on the newest installment to the Star Wars franchise. Episode 7 is currently under production by Walt Disney Pictures and is set to be directed by Star Trek director J.J. Abrams. The original cast of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, and Carrie Fisher are also supposed to be returning to the franchise, which is currently looking at a 2015 release date. The original Star Wars film was written and directed by creator George Lucas, who has also written all of the sequels and directed the three latest films. Lucas received Oscar nominations for the original in 1978 for Best Director and Best Screenwriter, but chose not to return to the director’s chair for the second and third films (Episodes 5 and 6). J.J. Abrams is the third director to take on a Star Wars picture, following Lucas, Irvin Kershner, and Richard Marquand. While I have nothing but confidence that Williams will bring another faithful composition to the picture, let’s hope that Abrams brings a sense of realism back to this Star Wars sequel instead of just throwing actors in front of green screens and relying on computer technology.

Captain Phillips at NYFF


Why all of the world’s film festivals have to occur within the same time frame? Don’t ask me. It seems a real film fanatic would have a hard time trying to hit all of them at once. This October will play host to the 49th Chicago Film Festival, as well as the 51st New York Film Festival. Set to open the New York fest is Captain Phillips, a film based on the 2009 hijacking and hostage takeover of the MV Maersk Alabama by Somali pirates. Screenwriter Billy Ray, who is also working on an upcoming Sinatra biopic, adapted the screenplay for the movie following Captain Phillips’ novel, A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS, and Dangerous Days at Sea. Paul Greengrass (The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93) directed Tom Hanks in the lead role, who is also gearing up for the release of Saving Mr. Banks which is due out this December. Captain Phillips is set to hit U.S. theaters October 11th.

FlatBush Zombies – BetterOffDEAD (Trailer)

The Flatbush Zombies have announced the release date of their upcoming project entitled “BetterOffDEAD”. The mixtape is set to be dropped on September 11th, check out the visual above and be sure to stay tuned for more from them as the release date draws closer.