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Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG

Mercedes 1
Mercedes 2
Mercedes 3

Mercedes has unveiled it’s new beast from out of their secret garage somewhere in Germany. The CLA AMG edition features a turbocharged 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that pumps out about 360 horse power, not much if you’re really into racing but it’ll definitely get you from point A to point B. The car looks super sleak and the matte black interior only intesifies what’s looking to be a really clean ride. If you have the extra $50K, keep an eye out for these at your local Mercedes-Benz dealer in early 2014.

Coca-Cola Introduces Ice Bottles

Coca-Cola has began it’s “Ice Bottle” campaign, releasing this commercial featuring a Coca-Cola shack on a beach in Columbia handing out the new product. There still isn’t any word on whether these bottles will ever hit shelves or even whether this campaign will expand to more locations around the world. One can only hope that one of these will pop up on the shores of Lake Michigan or Lake Calhoun, but until then we’ll keep you posted.

The Carmines Will Make A Return

The Air Jordan “Carmine” has finally been called on for a release in the Spring of 2014. This shoe is one of the most coveted pairs in the Air Jordan collection and is going to be a must-cop. The last chance to pick these up for sticker price was back in 2008, in the pack alongside the 17s, or from a reseller or eBay, and we all know how the price gets there. The sticker price in Spring will be $160 so mark your calendar, and good luck.


Cody DeCamry – Blazed

Cody DeCamry’s been keeping things under wraps as of late but he has recently announced an official release date for a track entitled “Queen Haze” due to be released on July 28th. The track above is the title track from Cody’s last project “Blazed”, if you arent familiar get aquainted “Queen Haze” is coming soon.

Show You Suck – All Based Everything

Today Chicago native and Treated Crew repper Show You Suck performed at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival so i found it appropriate to post one of our favorite tracks. Filmed in Austin during SXSW, Show goes in on a laid back beat with a smooth ass hook. Show has been on quite a roll lately so make sure to stay tuned for more.

Hollywood: Stuck on ‘Repeat’


It seems Hollywood is on a never-ending recycling binge. Movies like Rocky and Die Hard have been run into the ground with sequels that have come out long after their predecessors have been released, talked about, and remembered as classic. Today’s movie scene, however, is trapped in the same ‘Groundhog Day’ situation, with a re-boot of the Spiderman movies, another Wolverine movie this summer and a new Terminator series. In the next two years, sequels of Independence Day, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Star Wars are all set to be released, with pending sequels also in the works; there have even been talks of a World War Z sequel, and Ghostbusters and Spaceballs sequels! Thanks to talented writers and directors that are fortunately still around in Hollywood, some of them are pretty decent movies, but others have already had their say and need to stay put, at least for a while.

SOA Season 6


The motorcycle-club drama, Sons of Anarchy, will be returning to FX this September for its 6th season. The series follows the story of Jackson Teller, the Vice President of the northern California based club known for trafficking illegal guns throughout the northwestern United States. The show has received critical acclaim and was nominated for an Emmy in 2009, Katey Sagal also won a Golden Globe in 2011 for Best Actress in a TV Series (drama). Be sure to check out the first five seasons before you watch the season premiere this September.

The Godfather Part II

al pacino

This December will mark the 40th anniversary of Francis Coppola’s The Godfather Part 2. Both the original and sequel were based on author Mario Puzo’s acclaimed novel, but the second film continued the story of Michael Corleone’s character with a collaborative effort between author Puzo and director Coppola. The movie was an instant classic and just as popular and successful as the first film, winning the Academy Awards for Best Director, Picture, Original Score, Adapted Screenplay, Art (Set) Decoration, and a Best Supporting Actor award for Robert De Niro, who portrays the Godfather in his youthful days in the early 1900s. All Pacino was also nominated for Best Actor, and Talia Shire (who is Coppola’s sister and famous for portraying Adrien in Rocky) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Coppola and Puzo both returned to complete the series in 1990 with The Godfather Part 3, which also received nominations for Best Picture, Director, and Best Supporting Actor Andy Garcia.